Have you ever stood in the shower and contemplated the bottle of shampoo in your hand? 


Well, you’re not alone. Most of us have probably never really considered the impact of the plastic bottle we use to wash our hair. Sure, you’ve admired the branding, luxuriated in the fragrant smell while washing your luscious locks, and thrown the plastic bottle in the recycling once you’ve used up every bit, but what if you could have all the positives without the negative environmental impact? 

We want to share with you the best plastic alternatives that you can use in the bathroom to keep yourself squeaky clean (and your conscience too!). 


1. Shampoo 

Seeing as we’ve already mentioned it, let’s start with shampoo. Solid bar shampoos are the new go-to. The perfect solution to going zero-waste, shampoo bars are legendary in the plastic-free world. While your hair soaks up all the goodness and nourishment of normal shampoo, it also lasts longer, usually up to three times more than normal. 

In addition to the lack of packaging (unless recyclable packaging tickles your fancy), the bars are produced using less water, another environmentally friendly quirk! Other alternatives include refill bottles, but this does come with some drawbacks. We’re currently creating our own shampoo bars and we’re so excited to show you what we’ve been working on. 

When your hair is wet simply lather the shampoo bar between your hands, or glide straight onto your hair in circular motions until you’re in a foaming frenzy. 


2. Conditioner

We couldn’t mention shampoo without its soulmate, the conditioner. Working in exactly the same way as a shampoo bar, a solid conditioner is another eco-friendly option to keeping your hair smooth and shiny, without costing the planet. Easy to store, and perfect for holiday luggage, conditioner bars are the ideal aprés-shampoo!


3. Body Soap 

Whether it’s hand soap, shower gel, or bubble baths, soap bars have endless possibilities. You can indulge in scented soap bars, like our bar soaps which are made by hand using natural ingredients. We make sure it arrives to you in fully recyclable tissue paper, rather than using styrofoam peanuts and nasty plastics. You can then store it alongside your shampoo and conditioner bars on a soap dish, before relaxing in a hot bath guilt-free!


4. Toothbrushes 

Swapping your plastic toothbrush for something a little more zero-waste is one of the easiest changes you can make. For something so small, regular toothbrushes cause a large amount of damage. Made up of different types of plastic, they can’t be recycled so sit for 400 years, ending up our oceans and destroying marine life. 

Alternative toothbrushes are commonly made from bamboo which is a sustainable material as they grow quickly, and are completely compostable with antibacterial properties. It’s only the bristles that are still not recycable, but this is a huge improvement on a whole toothbrush. 


5. Toothpaste 

Now you have your plastic-free toothbrush, you need some toothpaste to go with it! For a fresh breath that has a low impact on the planet, why not consider toothpaste tablets? The tablets usually come in refillable glass jars or tins that you can reuse over and over again. You simply pop the toothpaste tablet in your mouth, give it a chew – a gulp of water helps to form it into a paste – and start brushing! 


6. Compostable Floss 

Another clever dental invention is compostable floss! To really keep your teeth clean and healthy, dentists recommend flossing to prevent tooth and gum decay, but unfortunately most floss is not compostable. But have no fear, eco-floss is here. 

Floss alternatives include the eco dental floss sticks and dental floss string. The sticks usually have handles made from biodegradable corn starch, making it easy to compost, while the fibre of the floss itself is created with bamboo. The floss string is popular, used in the exact same way as normal dental string, but made from compostable materials like the bamboo and is often flavoured with mint essential oils. Many brands package them in glass bottles so they’re easily recyclable or reusable. 


7. Toilet Roll 

We all need toilet paper, but most of it comes in plastic wrapping. However, there are now some exciting brands who are confronting this and make sustainable toilet rolls wrapped in eco-friendly packaging delivered to your door. Brands like ‘Who Gives A Crap’ use carbon neutral shipping, recyclable cardboard boxes, and are made with 100% recycled fibres. Other companies like Tushy Bamboo Toilet Paper, strive to be septic free and make them from bamboo. 


8. Deodorant 

Transitioning to eco-friendly products doesn’t mean your armpits need to suffer! There are so many impressive eco-friendly deodorants on the market right now, from deodorant bars, to eco-friendly packaging. Some deodorants come in little glass jars while others are created in recycled cardboard. Another benefit is that often the ingredients these brands use are vegan, natural and ethically sourced. 


9. Safety Razor and Shaving Soap 

Say goodbye to your multipack of 10 plastic razors and say hello to reusable metal razors instead. Removing the need to use disposable ones, safety razors are a great way to reduce your plastic waste while saving money, reducing skin irritation and giving you a seriously close shave. They are perfect for both men and women too, whether you’re after a leg or beard shave. 

We’re currently in the process of creating a shaving soap bar to go hand in hand with your razor, and we can’t wait to share it with you! 


10. Makeup Wipes

Make up wipes need to go! While causing skin dryness and irritation, standard make up wipes clog drains and sit in landfills. Research suggests that wipes also only remove the top layer of dirt, meaning your skin probably isn’t as clean as you think. Whether it’s flannels, cloths or pads, there are so many eco-friendly options you can invest in instead. 


11. Makeup Remover 

You’ve got your makeup remover pads but you need something to actually take your makeup off. From micellar water in glass bottles, to cleanser bars, to homemade recipes, old school makeup cleansers are the ideal way to remove your makeup, nourishing your skin while nurturing the planet too. 


12. Hairbrush 

And finally, if there’s hair on your head, then you’ll probably need a hairbrush. Opt for a hairbrush with a wooden or bamboo handle. You can even choose brushes which are made completely from these materials, which suggest added benefits of shinier hair, less static, head massage and fewer carbon miles. 

So there you have it, a whole new bathroom cabinet that cares for both you and the planet. Make sure you use up the products you already own before investing in these alternatives, as you don’t want to throw away what you already have. When one product runs out, purchase an eco one instead and gradually you will have a bathroom full of alternatives to boast about.