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Each product is handmade and goes through various checks to assure that you are getting the best quality product we can provide.

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Hello! My name is Dakota and I am the owner of Shop Rosie Bee!

My husband and I and our two beautiful children live in the small town of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin!

Growing up, I was always a huge fan of creating my own bath and beauty products, as well as baking and cooking! Something about creating stuff with my own hands was so much fun to me! The funny part is that I was HORRIBLE at science, which is a huge factor in baking and soap making! I fell out of creating as high school got harder, and didn’t start again really until I had my daughter!

When I had my daughter, I started baking a lot, as I was home for three months postpartum and bored! Eventually, I decided that I needed to focus on other things, and that’s when I started creating bath and body products again! I’d sell my bath soaks here and there on facebook marketplace, and began experimenting with soap! My friends and family ended up loving my product and were so supportive of my creativity. With Covid-19 hitting and me needing to take a break from work while pregnant with our second, Rosie Bee was created!

I make a point to choose ingredients that your skin will love, and not to put any of the harsh chemicals and unnecessary ingredients in your soap and other products. I do this because I want to feel comfortable with my own family using it as well as you and your friends and family!

I hope you love our product just as much as we do!

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